Crochet tunic PATTERN – hoodie by Free People

Here is another great pattern: tunic by Free People.

Nothing captures a care-free, bohemian spirit quite like this oversize V-neck crocheted hooded sweater. It features beautiful pineapple pattern with scalloped edges and drawstring tie at the neck. My favorite way to wear it would be as a form of summer layering: put it over a shirt or a top and it completely changes the look of an otherwise usual outfit. Or wear it over a dress for more bohemian look.

ATMOSPHERE: Tunic Crochet Pattern – Crochet Tutorial in English  ATMOSPHERE Tunic Crochet Pattern – Crochet Tutorial in English

The original tunic is already sold out, but if you like to crochet, it’s not a problem to make your own creation! : )

It is worked from the shoulders downwards and has 4 motifs (width) in both back and front. The main pattern is crocheted twice in full height and once for 2/3 of its height. These shorter motifs are placed between the shoulders and the armholes.

Here is my completed tunic:


Gauge and thus width/length of my tunic corresponds with all measurements mentioned on the Free People web site: original measurements.

I’ve made two versions of this pattern:

1. WRITTEN out tutorial with 4 charts and row-by-row instructions is available on Ravelry and my shop:

2. For chart-crocheters I have made concise CHARTED version with basic instructions (on 5 pages) and 4 charts. It is available here:

Both written and charted tutorials include 4  HQ diagrams in PDF-format (four full height and full width motifs of the main pattern for back and front;  2/3 of the height of 4 motifs placed between the shoulders and the armholes with all increases for the neckline and the armholes – this diagram is given in two parts for a better printable view; and an overview of the last diagram).

Anleitung in Deutsch ist auf Anfrage erhältlich (schreiben Sie mir bitte). Fuer diese Anleitung muessen Sie Haekelschrifte lesen koennen.

Projects by other crocheters:

Made by Anja:

Made by Carolyn:

Made by Suzanne:

5 thoughts on “Crochet tunic PATTERN – hoodie by Free People

  1. Hello – I love this tunic and have bought the pattern.
    Please can you recommend a brand of yarn that you would recommend ( I live in UK )
    I have looked but can’t find anything
    Many thanks x


    1. Hi Andie,

      Thank you very much for the purchase! FP mentioned that the tunic was made with silk/cotton yarn (nobody knows what brand they have used, I assume all tunics were crocheted in China with local yarn). Basically if you find 8-10 ply yarn in UK it should be perfect (make sure the gauge fits). Europeans mostly rely on meters in 100 gr (or yards in oz) than on plies because different producers state either 8 or 10 ply for the same yarn density.

      I have completed FP tunic with such a yarn: – at the end tunic’s measurements corresponded stated those on FP web site.

      I’ve looked for a similar cotton yarn in UK, for example Rowan yarn. This one should go, but I’m not sure about the price:
      This cotton would be fine as well, but they wrote the yarn was span with a high twist (it should be a loosely twisted yarn):
      Then ColourMart (also in UK) has – this one might be ok, they mention about “lovely soft drape”, so it should be perfect for the tunic.
      Hope it helps!


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