Crochet SKIRT Odd Molly – detailed PATTERN (scroll down)

This skirt was also inspired by the Odd Molly design, however I put my changes into it. First of all I wanted to try Tenerife crochet (with circular crochet loom) for the round motives. Then instead of boring crochet net (5 chains, 1 sc) I’ve completely changed the main pattern. Here how it looks like:


In summer I wear it with a top and in spring or fall it looks wonderfully with a jacket. More photos (all are clickable!):

s6  skirt2  6k

6f  6c  6g

Definitely maxi skirt is a thing everybody pays attention to : )). It can be easily transformed to a strapless dress (it has an elastic band).

Though I’ve realized that big square motif on a belly  looks gorgeous on a model that poses 10-15 minutes for a camera but completely unpractical in real life – it becomes shifted after 5-10 minutes walking.  So, I’ve decided to repeat the same skirt without annoying belly motif – I got tired turning it back in place every now and then. The new skirt will be with the complete loop of square motifs in the top of the skirt (uninterrupted by big square motif) like in this photos:



Such a detailed pattern for the skirt without square belly motif for sizes US (0-18), UK (4-22), Europe (32-50) is a available here:

You will receive:

► detailed instructions in English – browse the screen shots of the instructions in PDF in Etsy (after the main picture);

► HQ diagrams;

► written explanation of all rows of the diagrams is included (in case you are not used to work with the crochet charts).

The centre of the original round motif is worked with circular crochet loom; I have included suggestions for 3 variants of round motifs in case you do not have loom (though the crocheted centre will look different!).