Geometry in crochet – Top with triangle and diagonals – PATTERN

This top was made with a simple combination of geometric figures: triangle and diagonals and combined two colours: earthy brown color and turquoise sky colour:

Triangle top detailed PATTERNr

crochet top creaconcepts2  crochet top creaconcepts3

Triangle pattern creates an optical illusion that the top is fitting tightly around the waist (the top is loose fitting). The garment widens towards the bottom and slightly drapes around hips.

Pattern is available on Etsy and Ravelry:

You will receive:

► detailed instructions in English for every row with photos of the process;

► HQ diagrams;

► written explanation of all rows of the diagrams (in case you are not used to work with the crochet charts); keep the original margins of the file.

Instructions are given for the following sizes:
US (2-6), UK (6-10), Europe (34-38) with bust 80-86 cm (31.5-34’’);
US (6-10), UK (10-14), Europe (38-42) with bust 88-94 cm (34.5-37’’);
US (10-14), UK (14-18), Europe (42-46) with bust 96-103 cm (38-40.5’’).

              Anleitung in Deutsch ist auf Anfrage erhältlich (schreiben Sie mir bitte).

This PDF-tutorial explains how to crochet the lovely beach top. Triangle pattern creates an optical illusion that the top is fitting tightly around the waist (the top is loose fitting). The garment widens towards the bottom and slightly drapes around hips.  – all charts were blurred in this preview

5 thoughts on “Geometry in crochet – Top with triangle and diagonals – PATTERN

  1. I love this pattern! In fact, I have purchased it to make it myself. It’s an ambitious project for me, since I’ve only been crocheting for six months, but I’m very keen to try. 🙂 I am in South Africa, and I am finding it very difficult to find 3ply bamboo or bamboo blend yarns. Would this pattern work in 4 ply bamboo of a similar weight/length ratio (it’s a bit of a thicker yarn: 50g is 180m). Or maybe 3ply mercerised cotton? I could also find a 3 ply baby merino/viscose blend. The yarns available here in South Africa are rather limited, sadly. We have lots of pure wool yarn (lots of wool sheep farming here), but not so many of the lovely bamboo blends, unfortunately. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 🙂


    1. Dear Kristine,

      Thank you very much for the purchase. 100 % cotton might look a bit stiff in the top. I searched for suitable yarn shops in South Africa. Indeed their assortment is mostly for knitters than for crocheters. I found one shop with bamboo yarn, but I can not see the length in 100 gram, but maybe you could contact them? Here are three links: and and
      If their thread is too thin you might try to work with double thread (take 2 threads and crochet as if you would have one).

      Then there is 4-ply silk (but silk is usually more expensive): each skein is 50g – 200 meters, which makes 400 m in 100 gr.

      I’ve found a bit thinner mix of 70% Ramie/30% Silk 470 m in 100 gr.

      Then 95% soft silk with 5% lurex (the top will shimmer though) 176 m in 40 gr which makes 440 m in 100 gr.

      Hope that helps to purchase suitable yarn in your country.
      Have a great weekend and happy crocheting!


      1. Hi! I’ve begun crocheting the top (loving the pattern so far!) over several months in between other projects and a busy life. 🙂 I am using a 4ply 100% bamboo that is heaven to work with. I have completed the two initial triangle pieces, but am experiencing some difficulties with understanding how to join the two pieces’ side seams. The pattern says to sew the two side seams along the pattern with motifs of *3ch, 3dc, 1sc in 3ch*, but I’m not sure how to use the motif as described to join two pieces of crochet. Is there any way you’d be able to clarify this process? Thanks again for a great pattern! 🙂


      2. Hi Kristine,

        It is already more than one year after I have completed this top. No person possibly remembers the stitches that she did many months ago : ). She concentrates on other patterns. If any questions arise I open charts and can not answer more than already written/drawn : ). I’m sure you understand it unless you remember what stitches you crocheted many months ago. As far as I understand the PDF now (:)) you sew one motif on each side. One motif consists exactly of [3 ch, 3 dc, 1 sc into 3 ch]. Just sew them (with slip sts or sc-sts) – as you wish. In next row make sure you have the stated amount of 4-chain spaces in each front and back.

        Kind regards,


  2. Hi Inna

    Thank you so much for the prompt response. 🙂 I’ll try out one motif on each side as you suggested. If I don’t get that figured out, I’ll just to slip stitch. I think using motifs will give a smoother finish, though, so I hope I get it right. 🙂 Thank you for checking for a solution for me.

    Happy crocheting!


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