Crochet knee length skirt – PATTERN

The beach dress with open back looks rather good on slim women, therefore I have not written the stitches for many sizes. However, the same pattern can be used in a skirt – browse photos on Etsy how it might look like:

creaconcepts  creaconcepts8c

I have calculated the stitches of the bottom part of the original dress so it might be worked as a knee length SKIRT. Pattern is available here:

You will receive:

► detailed instructions in ENGLISH for every row;

► HQ diagrams in PDF-format;

► written explanation of all rows of the diagrams is included (in case you are not used to work with the crochet charts); keep the original margins of the file.

The skirt has no side seams. Instructions are given for the following sizes:

S/M with waist circumference 65-72 cm (25.5-28.5’’), hips 89-94 cm (35-37’’);
M/L with waist 73-80 cm (29-31.5’’), hips 97-102 cm (38-40’’);
L/XL with waist 80-87 cm (31.5-34’’), hips 105-110 cm (41-43’’);
XL/XXL – with waist 87-94 cm (34-37’’), hips 113-118 cm (44.5-46.5’’)

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