Recently I’ve started this website where you can upload all your completed conceptcreative-projects.

Most of my patterns are for intermediate and experienced crocheters who have patience in creating big clothing projects and look for something trendy and inspiring.

I’m very happy to see so many beautiful and elaborated wearable garments there! Bravo!

I hope they will be cool additions to your wardrobe and inspire other crocheters! - projects finished by - projects finished by customers


Designer crochet wedding dress – PATTERN

This crochet pattern was made upon request. The dress is crocheted from top down, starting at neck and working in the round to form neck opening and the beautiful leaf yoke. The top-down construction makes it possible to try it on as you go for the perfect fit. Length can be also regulated, so you can crochet a stunning gown for your wedding. Intricately decorated with crochet leaves this sleeveless dress will define your bust, while flattering curved lines draw attention to hourglass shape.

Crochet dress PATTERN, designer wedding dress crochet pattern

Detailed PATTERN in English for this crochet dress is available here:

This pattern includes:

â–ş detailed tutorial in ENGLISH for every row;

► 4 diagrams;

â–ş written explanation of all rows of the diagrams (in case you are not used to work with the crochet charts); keep the original margins of the file.

This dress crochet pattern is provided for sizes: XS-S-M-L.

Pattern on Ravelry is for the crochet top only:

 – fragment of the crochet tutorial (for preview)


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Crochet dress PATTERN, designer wedding dress crochet pattern