Oversized Poncho-Top :)

I usually do not wear boxy or oversized garments – they don’t look flattering on my broad and straight shoulders and rectangular body type, so just a few of things like wrong length or excessive width hanging under my armholes turn me into a perfect square :). I like crochet sweaters nicely fitted through the shoulders (to slide easily under a jacket) and not too snug or stiff on the body. So I usually shape waist or accent bust and add set-in-sleeves in most of my crochet items (though adjusting sleeves to many sizes is the hardest part, that is why patterns for boxy voluminous garments are less expensive and easier to make).

This project was made for my friend and the top fits her height and width well (sorry, I don’t ask my friends to model my presents if I intend to offer them as patterns : )) – friendship should remain friendship and not a modeling business : ).

I think the scalloped edge made  this voluminous poncho-top more dynamic and proportional, so probably it can flatter other types of body. Fringe optically increased the length, the drapey yarn prevented it from looking like I was absolutely swimming in it :).

PATTERN can be downloaded here:




The description includes:

► detailed tutorial in English for every row;

► HQ diagrams;

► written explanation of all charts (in case you are not used to work with diagrams).

– screen shots of the crochet tutorial.


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