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Before publishing this new knit sweater-dress pattern 

www.instagram.com/p/CH8H-x9BWSg I thought of including several easier crochet patterns that I usually make with yarn left-overs and give as gifts or donate to charity auctions in our local school. This year’s charity auction is off due to the pandemic, so I’m posting photos from objects that were sold in 2019.

This PATTERN is FREE till December, 23rd, 2020 for everyone who has finished any warm garment* created by Conceptcreative.store , posted photos of completed garment on Ravelry and https://mycrochet.conceptcreative.store/ 

*warm garment: cardigan, sweater or sweater-dress made of wool, alpaca or mohair.


This piece will lend a sophisticated air of modern crochet home design and compliment any home style decor. It’s cozy and versatile and the best thing is that you will always have an original gift for all your loved ones: both men or women. 🎁
The samples shown were made in fail-safe neutral tones that are suitable to any minimalist design style. These subdued hues don’t overwhelm any given space and never fail to make an interior feel more homey. Of course, you can crochet this project in solid energetic hues for even more visual appeal! Just go for a hue that speaks to you and it will most likely look great.

More details about this pattern: 

â–ș  It is customizable to any cylinder object – basket, lamp, glass, jar, tin-can  (you will crochet foundation row until its length equals to the measured cylinder object; then you will crochet in the round, always in the same direction).

â–ș The beautiful diagonals are created by double crochet stitches, post stitches and puff stitches. PHOTO TUTORIAL of these stitches, WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS for every row in English and high quality crochet CHARTS are included (see screen shots)

â–ș  You will not need to crochet gauge – just take soft yarn like wool, linen/polyester or cotton/acrylic in one solid color and start crocheting with hook recommended by the producer of your yarn. The samples shown were made with 5 ply (UK) = Sport-weight = 2 = Fine (USA) wool and hook 3.25 mm (hook D in USA).

Tips on choosing colors for this cover:

There is a classic decor rule, which states that 60 percent of the room should be a dominant color, 30 percent should be a secondary color or texture, and 10 percent should be an accent.

  • 60% Main (dominant) Color. This includes the color of walls and floor, and may include a piece of furniture, curtains or draperies. All of these don’t necessarily need to be solid colors, but the main color should always be prominent.
  • 30% Secondary Color (half the amount of color saturation as the main color). This color should contrast with the main color and create depth and interest in your dĂ©cor.
  • 10% Accent Color (one-third of the secondary color and one-sixth of the main color). The idea of an accent is to create contrast, add greater interest to your color scheme. It should be used throughout the dĂ©cor to draw the eye deeper into the room design.

You can achieve harmonious color palettes with the help of a color  wheel. The color wheel is the basis of color theory, because it shows the relationship between the colors. Read more on color wheel and its usage in design: www.canva.com/colors/color-wheel/ 

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With this crochet pattern we would like to thank Conceptcreative.store customers – to continue reading please upload photo(s) of your completed warm garment created by Conceptcreative.store on Ravelry and https://mycrochet.conceptcreative.store/ till December 23rd, 2020 and then contact us.


FREE crochet pattern 



*Complete one of Conceptcreative.store warm garments*; post photo(s) of your creation on Ravelry and https://mycrochet.conceptcreative.store/

Free patterns, patterns that were completed by testers, included into CALs do not count in this give-away. The garment-pattern can be purchased in Conceptcreative shops anytime, but shared by you in December 2020 for the first time. 

*warm garment: cardigan, sweater or sweater-dress made of wool, alpaca or mohair.

Please notify us once your photo is uploaded – this free pattern will be sent to your email within 24 hours. 

If you love this pattern but have not crocheted garment-patterns created by Conceptcreative.store – please download this pattern for a small fee: www.etsy.com/listing/901069704/modern-crochet

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New Year’s Dress-KIDS-Crochet Dress Pattern

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This is kids version of my New Year’s Dress that was published in 2017. I have simplified the stitches to make this project accessible to all crocheters who can follow written or charted crochet patterns and know how to work the following stiches:
chain, slip stitch, sc, dc, dc-stitches joined together and popcorn stitches. Photos for dc-stitches joined together and popcorn stitches are included into PDF.

Surely I could name it a CHRISTMAS dress, but not all nations celebrate it and the ones who do have a particular image of Christmas dresses :). On the contrary, New Year’s Day is a national holiday in the majority of countries and New Year Eve is a time when we all exchange greetings and well-wishes for the year ahead and expect only the BEST from the future.

Please tag your beautiful creations NewYearsCrochetDress on Instagram so we see more of them. Thank you!

The top-down construction makes it possible to regulate the length as you go, so you can crochet a top, a tunic or a dress. Several projects are shown below – for 2-4, 5, 7 years.

DOWNLOAD this corner to corner pattern from my shops:

New Year’s Dress-KIDS on Etsy

New Year’s Dress-KIDS on Ravlery

New Year’s Dress in my store


Suitable yarns:

Alize Bella,

Omega Eulali

Choosing the right YARN and HOOK to achieve great results

Preview of this pattern:

Happy crocheting!