New coat – PATTERN

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You know how it is naming a crochet pattern – on one hand you want your project to have a unique name, on the other it should reflect the idea behind the look and stitches. And so far I was able to find such great names for  Ozone sweater, Freelancer sweater, Detour sweater and many others.

This new crochet pattern is named TORSIBILITY 

(which means the ability of something to twist and untwist around its own axis).

Torsibility includes two crochet garments that I have just published on Ravelry, Etsy and my website:

COAT that you can see above and

JACKET that you will see next week unless you check my shops today :).

Thus, you will receive another email from in a few days :).

Hope you love both projects as much as I do!


The two-tone hooded coat features main zip fastening, zip across the front and one pocket that is hidden between the darker main part and a lighter triangle. The pocket and one zip are optional – you can omit them and sew the main part and triangle together along the slanting line.

The description includes:

  • written row-by-row tutorial in ENGLISH;
  • colorful charts for each size,
  • schematics with measurements,
  • 120 colorful photos that show stitches and process,
  • link that shows how to crochet first 3 rows.

The best way of supporting pattern designers is crocheting their patterns

and not buying/downloading them in tonnes :).

That is also the reason of why I don’t give discounts on multiple patterns – I want to save your money and not lengthen your never-ending queue of patterns :).

For this pattern I offer several price options (prices are subject to VAT in some countries).

  • $12.50 pattern pack for both coat + jacket on Etsy (price from today) – please follow this link: ETSY 
  • $8.50 – early bird price for either coat or jacket on Ravelry and Etsy for crafters who collect crochet patterns in their library and never share their WIP-photos (price from today, it will be $9.50 from March, 14th) – please follow this link: Ravlery.
  • $6.00early bird price for crafters who start crocheting either their coat or jacket right away and share photos of their WIP on Ravelry. The price for CAL is valid from today till end of May 2021. Links removed after the end of this CAL! 

IMPORTANT: In this CAL-option the pattern will be sent to you in 5 parts:


1 – Materials, Gauge, Schematics, full description of Sleeves (11-12 pages in total),

Link to each next part will be sent to you after you finish respective part of CAL and post photos of your completed stage in your Ravelry account.

Next parts are:

2 – Main Body bottom to armholes (4 pages in total), 

3 – Main Body armholes to shoulders (13 pages in total), 

4 – Triangle-piece seen in the front (4 pages in total),

5 – Finishing (sewing parts together and crocheting edges).

Till the end of May 2021 I’m offering you free help in adapting your project to desired length (later I might need more time to remember all calculations).

To start the $6-CAL please download either Part 1 for Coat or Part 1 for Jacket.

After you have finished all 5 parts of either Jacket or Coat by May, 31st, 2021 the whole PDF for TWO patterns (coat + jacket) will be added to your Ravelry-library if you are willing to spend another 30 seconds of your time and press a few Ravelry-buttons.

If you opted for the $6-CAL but had no time to finish some part (s) of this pattern you will not receive any further parts. However, you will receive a free bag pattern with the same stitches on May 31st, 2021.

Link your project on Ravelry:

    HOW to Add Your Project to Ravelry

Level: advanced (though the same stitch pattern will be repeated across all rows I would not recommend it to crafters who prefer working with plain double crochet stitches only).

Gauge: see below. I crochet/knit all my swatches separately, usually in the middle of each project, wash them, let dry flat then measure my swatches without stretching the stitches. I never “block swatches aggressively”.

YarnThis coat was designed for Sport-weight = 2 = Fine (USA) = 5 ply (UK) wool or wool/acrylic yarn.

It can be made with Sport-weight yarn, closer to Fingering-weight and 3 mm hook (gauge 20 dc by 11 rows); as well as with Sport-weight yarn, closer to DK-weight and 3.75 mm hook (gauge 17 dc by 9 rows).

Available sizes for gauge 17 dc by 9 rows and Sport-weight yarn closer to DK-weight (e.g.Merino-baby and Merino-fine by Katia, Chickadee by Quince & Co):

M with bust 94-98 cm = 37-38.5’’, hip up to 100 cm = 39.4’’; length 100 cm = 39.4″; 3840 yards = 1210 grams;

L-XL with bust 106-110 cm = 41.5-43.5’’, hip up to 114 cm = 45’’; length 113 cm = 44.5’’; 4620 yards = 1460 grams;

2XL with bust 118-122 cm = 46.5-48’’, hip up to 128 cm = 50’’; length 113 cm = 44.5’’; 5085 yards = 1605 grams.

Available sizes for gauge 20 dc by 11 rows and Sport-weight yarn closer to Fingering-weight (e.g. Baby Merino by Drops, Perfection Sport by Kraemer yarns, Duo from Navia, etc.)

XS with bust  78-82 cm = 31-32’’, hip up to 83 cm = 33’’; length 82 cm = 32.3″; 3250 yards = 850 grams;

S-M with bust 88-92 cm = 35-36’’, hip up to 95 cm = 37.5’’; length 95 cm = 37.5’’; 3830 yards = 1000 grams;

M-L with bust  98-103 cm = 38.5-40.5’’, hip up to 107 cm = 42’’; length 95 cm = 37.5’’; 4390 yards = 1150 grams.

Happy crocheting!

HOW to Add Your Project to Ravelry

New Year’s Dress-KIDS-Crochet Dress Pattern

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This is kids version of my New Year’s Dress that was published in 2017. I have simplified the stitches to make this project accessible to all crocheters who can follow written or charted crochet patterns and know how to work the following stiches:
chain, slip stitch, sc, dc, dc-stitches joined together and popcorn stitches. Photos for dc-stitches joined together and popcorn stitches are included into PDF.

Surely I could name it a CHRISTMAS dress, but not all nations celebrate it and the ones who do have a particular image of Christmas dresses :). On the contrary, New Year’s Day is a national holiday in the majority of countries and New Year Eve is a time when we all exchange greetings and well-wishes for the year ahead and expect only the BEST from the future.

Please tag your beautiful creations NewYearsCrochetDress on Instagram so we see more of them. Thank you!

The top-down construction makes it possible to regulate the length as you go, so you can crochet a top, a tunic or a dress. Several projects are shown below – for 2-4, 5, 7 years.

DOWNLOAD this corner to corner pattern from my shops:

New Year’s Dress-KIDS on Etsy

New Year’s Dress-KIDS on Ravlery

New Year’s Dress in my store


Suitable yarns:

Alize Bella,

Omega Eulali

Choosing the right YARN and HOOK to achieve great results

Preview of this pattern:

Happy crocheting!