It has started several years ago when I was severely ill. I had nothing to do besides lying in bed and even reading great books was difficult because my eyes hurt extremely. So, my neighbour brought me a hook and asked why not to crochet some simple motives? Such activity would not take much place in my bed and I could create some flower motives how I wished. Frankly speaking … I could not stop since then : )

conceptcreative-store-tunic-atmosphere conceptcreative-store-dress-moonlight4Triangle top detailed PATTERNr conceptcreative-store-jacket-renaissance  conceptcreative-store-wrap-fuji conceptcreative-store-tunic-constellation4Conceptcreative10 Vanguard      Empire dress crochet pattern1 creaconcepts pullover     Crochet_pattern_for_sizes_XS--XL dress by conceptcreativeblog Crochet pattern size S-L   Crochet_pullover_PATTERN_for_sizes_US__4-24___UK__8-28___EU__36-56_e Crochet top pattern for sizes XS-S-M-L     ConceptcreativetunicPDFk creaconcept34 creaconcepts5  


The latest of my crochet stuff you may see here


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