Hello world! : ))

Welcome to my blog about different handmade items. I can not leave without creating  beautiful things – crocheted or knitted ones. Over the years my apartment became looking like a yarn shop and the dresser is full of my creations :  )). Some of the latest items are listed in this blog, some are on the way.

I’m sure you also adore handmade clothes, that is why you are here. Your comments are always welcome.

When you love crocheting, follow this link: https://conceptcreativeblog.wordpress.com/tag/crochet-2/

For knitters I have written not many posts, though several might be interesting: https://conceptcreativeblog.wordpress.com/category/knitting/

Available PATTERNS:  https://conceptcreativeblog.wordpress.com/category/patterns-2/



This nice mosaic on the floor was made after my recent travels to Spain & Austria. The colors are definitely the ones you find in Seville Arabic tiles Azulejo. There are mostly colors of nature: blue of the sea, green of the grass, yellow from the sand and brown from the earth. Some of the colors can be seen in my collage of the Seville’s tiles:


Placing the tiles in the non-symmetrical form was inspired by the Hundertwasser House in Vienna:

???????????????????????????????  dsc042291

The most difficult part of the project was to place the tiles and colors  in the “right order” (almost 60 different colors were used in this carpet). Sometimes I started sorting out the crocheted pieces at 6 p.m. and finished at 6 a.m. So far it’s the biggest of my projects, but not the longest one :  )).


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