SUMMER MYSTERY CAL: Design Your Garment

June 1st, 2019, the first day of summer … 

While crocheting this garment I thought, Wait… It’s so boring to crochet alone and write all these dc, sc, ch for the thousand time, so why not to invite other crocheters? 😀 It will be so encouraging to try something new, and we will be more creative together! Besides, nobody will ask you to buy specific yarn – take the cotton or linen from your stash and start crocheting instantly. I’m sure that you will come up with a better garment than the one I have in mind. The masterpiece that you will be really proud of! 😉


Something summery: seamless and sleeveless, worked from the top down, maybe with fringe continue reading: 

To Crop or Not To Crop Top, that is the QUESTION!

This charming top features rounded neck and figure-flattering style to create an unforgettable impression. It will look perfect with high-waisted white shorts, maxi skirts or jeans. The silhouette can be adjusted as you go thanks to the top-down construction – this pattern includes instructions for crocheting a tight fit crop version and a longer top with relaxed silhouette.

Detailed crochet PATTERN in English is available on Etsy, Ravelry, and on my own website:

You will receive:

► detailed crochet tutorial in English for every row;

► diagrams in PDF-format;

► written explanation of all rows of the diagrams is included (in case you are not used to work with the crochet charts).

This top crochet pattern is provided for sizes:

XS/S with bust circumference 80-87 cm/31.5-34”
M/L with bust circumference 90-98 cm/35.5-38.5’’
XL with bust circumference 107-114 cm/42-45”

 – fragment of the crochet tutorial.

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Crochet top with variegated yarn and yarn left overs – PATTERN

The beauty of variegated yarn is best revealed with quite simple crochet or knit stitches. I have knitted a couple of rows with stockinette stitch, but the result was boring : ). Endless rows of single or double crochet stitches would not be a great option either because they are known for their stiffness. My skin is rather sensitive and I cannot wear stiff clothes on my shoulders, that’s why I prefer not using more than 2 repeated rows of them in crochet tops. So, a combination of single crochet, half double crochet stitches and chains was chosen for making this contemporary looking drapey top. Besides I could include my yarn left overs of the same grey hue.

Asymmetric top pattern with variegated yarn Asymmetric top pattern with variegated yarn Asymmetric top pattern with variegated yarn

Detailed crochet pattern is available here:

You will receive:

► detailed instructions in ENGLISH for every row; charts are included so that you can adjust this top for bigger sizes by working more motifs;

► written explanation of all rows of the diagrams is included (in case you are not used to work with the crochet charts); keep the original margins of the file.

This crochet top pattern is provided for sizes:
S with bust circumference 85-90 cm (33.5-35.5’’);
M with bust circumference 92-97 cm (36-38’’);
L with bust circumference 99-104 cm (39-41’’).
The item is worked top down and you will be able to regulate the length as you go, making a top, tunic or even a dress.

– fragment of the crochet tutorial with blurred charts (for preview).