Combining crochet patterns with fabric – two inspiring projects

1. Crochet edging onto old fabric shirt:

Recently I’ve noticed that collar and cuffs in my MEXX shirt lost their original black colour and became somewhat grayish. Front, back and sleeves were made of another fabric (machine knitted) and remained black. So, I’ve decided to replace collar, plackets and cuffs with crocheted ones.

First of all, carefully cut them off:

cut off

Then I’ve cut a V-neck because it would be simpler to crochet a border all around. I’m not that good in sewing,  therefore asked a professional tailor to finish all raw edges with a thread serger.

Now choose a nice edge pattern. These shells from an old crochet magazine should look lovely in my shirt:


I had one ball of thin black rayon left from another project. Rayon is good for decorations because it is colourfast.

As far as I know rayon is no longer made in the USA – in 2004, the last of the U.S. rayon production facilities were closed due to EPA regulations.  Current rayon producing countries include China, India, and some European countries. You can use polyester which is also colourfast.  

Then I have worked chains until their length has reached the length of my plackets and bottom (all around), worked one row of single crochet stitches and sewed this foundation row to my shirt. For plackets I crocheted 4 rows of this chart over the row of single crochet (additional stitches should be added at the corners so that they remain flat). After finishing I’ve sewn on 4 buttons and made buttonholes on the opposite side.

For cuffs I had to improvise a little so my cuffs become 12 cm/4.7” long. I’ve made the same foundation row, worked 4 rows of the chart and then repeated 3rd and 4th rows in the checkerboard order until the desired length.

This is my new jacket (clickable photos):

conceptcreative-store-shirt conceptcreative-store-shirt2

It’s is a simple but gorgeous project for using up some yarn leftovers and brighten up your wardrobe. You don’t have to be a fashion designer to combine the two crafts but surely you will create a unique OOAK clothing in a snap.

2. Crochet top with fabric skirt:

I have seen many different projects lately for combining crochet and fabric. Since I had a few balls of pistachio colour that would not be enough for some serious project (I do not crochet scarfs, hats or doilies – I get bored with easy projects), I’ve decided to make top like in the famous crochet Victoria’s Secret dress and ask a professional tailor to sew the bottom.

This famous crochet dress by Victoria’s Secret is already sold out, but if you like to crochet, it’s not a problem to make your OWN creation! : ). A form fitting bodice teamed with a plunging V-neck make this irresistibly feminine silhouette. His head will spin as you walk by!  Here is the result (clickable photos):

conceptcreative-store-dress conceptcreative-store-dress1 conceptcreative-store-dress3

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