Crochet lace jacket

One of my longest projects was creating this lace jacket. I admit – it took about 1 year to crochet, taking into account that the black thread was impossible to work with in the evening – my eyes hurt after 30 minutes crocheting by the artificial light source. But the result was really stunning:


9b 9c

I used cotton, 565 meters per 100 gr (approx. 2,750 yards to pound). It equals to crochet thread number 10.


Another thing I did not want to hurt my eyes was the laser operation I undergone in 2008. Actually I’m very satisfied with the results: from myopia (-8) and slight myopic astigmatism is nothing left, I have a 100 % sight now!!!  However I would not recommend the operation to everybody – it is a serious risk and nobody can give you a 100 % guaranty that everything will be perfect. It all depends on your own health condition.