Crochet DRESS after the Canadian collection

A dress from the Canadian collection “Migrant Muse” created by 2 designers from Toronto  John Muscat & Jennifer Wells (LINE Knitwear) and my “short” interpretation of it:


Original maxi boho style looks great on me, but so far I found no places I could visit in a maxi dress. Pity! 🙂 Usually I prefer casual style, so I decided to shorten this dress, change sleeves and the form of the skirt. The thick cotton yarn is very soft and warm, which is very comfortable in fall and spring. And since I have not needed the yarn for the longer dress, I’ve transferred the rest of it into a knee length skirt and put on Etsy:

More photos (are clickable):

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Crochet DRESS Odd Molly 1

I’ve crocheted several projects inspired by the Odd Molly design, now it’s my favorite.

The first photo was taken right after I have finished it in a bus – brand new and not washed yet :). Yea, I always take my crochet & yarns everywhere… Addictive people will definitely understand such behavior. I found out that I could have a little hook even on a flight (but have not tried yet).


It does look great (all photos are clickable!)!

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From the rest of the yarn I’ve managed to crochet a short skirt (available on Etsy):