Trendy hoodie PATTERN with round motifs 2018 it was published, see what to take

When I have worked on the armholes I though of simplifying the job – following the oversize-trend and make sloping shoulders with the increased armhole in front and back so the sleeves are just straight. But when you have a closer look at such completed patterns there are hanging pieces here and there and … I really thought – do I want my friend be beautiful in it or just make her tunic as soon as possible. And again, I made the normal set-in sleeves, with the decreased armhole. Maybe there are women who look beautiful in oversize clothes (there are very easy to make), but for some women garments that fit well are still more appealing.

This gorgeous crochet tunic features beautiful cold shoulder cut outs allowing you to be elegant and sexy without being overexposed. This is one of my favorite styles, partly because it suits not only young girls but classy women who like to wear feminine and trendy crochet garments. And partly because this tunic is so versatile and flattering! Want to look instantly cool? Pair it with fitted jeans and basic tops to show off your tanned shoulders. For bohemian appeal team it with long skirts and fancy earrings.

Boho crochet tunic PATTERN for sizes XS-3XL

This tunic crochet pattern is provided for sizes

XS-S with hips up to 85 cm (33.5’’);
S-M with hips up to 96 cm (38’’);
L with hips up to 108 cm (42.5’’);
XL-2XL with hips up to 120 cm (47’’);
2XL-3XL with hips up to 128 cm (50.5’’).

I’d love to pair this tunic with such a cute leather leather bag from :


PATTERN for the cold shoulder crochet tunic can be downloaded here:

The description includes:

► detailed tutorial in English for every row;

► HQ diagrams (in PDF-format);

► written explanation of all charts is included (in case you are not used to work with diagrams).

Boho crochet tunic PATTERN (sizes XS-3XL), detailed TUTORIAL in English, cold shoulder crochet tunic pattern, designer tunic crochet pattern  fragment of the crochet tutorial with blurred charts (for preview).




Origami knit sweater

Paper folding technique where several sheets are arranged into interesting shapes is a very entertaining game for people of all ages. But do you know that with similar technique, you can create a sweater or even a sweater dress that requires minimum of shaping and uses creative and practical heuristic approach to knit a garment?

The construction of this sweater is very simple: front, back and sleeves are worked back and forth in long straight 4 panels till you get accustomed to constantly repeated rows – browse photos to see how front, back and sleeves are arranged around neckline. Then the decrease is made at one side of each panel (in most rows you will decrease 1 stitch only). Finally everything is folded (as in origami) and sewn together. And best of all – all 4 panels are worked the same way! Thus, every new panel will be knitted faster because you already have relevant past experience.

If you already made garments top-down, bottom-up and look for something unusual you might admire this idea.

DOWNLOAD this pattern:

HEURISTIC: Sweater Knit Pattern – Knit Tutorial in English 

The sample shown was made with 6 thin wool strands held together. You may take merino wool 2 ply (UK), Cobweb, 0, or Lace (USA) and knit in several strands as described.
Or use 5 ply (UK), Sport, 2 or Fine (USA) 100 % wool yarn with the length close to 233 m (254 yards) in 100 gr and work with one strand. Suitable yarns:


Choosing the right YARN and HOOK to achieve great results

Please get the gauge to make sure the sweater fits your size! This sweater was precisely calculated for 25 stitches x 32 rows in stockinette stitch = 10 x 10 cm (4 x 4’’).

This knit sweater is provided for sizes:

S (fits 86-91 cm = 34-36’’ bust, hips circumference);
M (fits 97-102 cm = 38-40’’ bust, hips circumference);
L-XL (fits 109-114 cm = 43-45’’ bust, hips circumference);
2XL (fits 119-124 cm = 47-49’ ’bust, hips circumference);
3XL (fits 130-135 cm = 51-53’’ bust, hips circumference).

If you are between the sizes, for example your bust and hips are 94 cm = 37‘’ choose a closest smaller size.

Stitches used:

knit; purl; yarn over; knit 2 stitches together; purl 2 stitches together (photos of these basic stitches are not included)

slip 2 stitches onto cable needle and hold in the back, knit 3rd stitch, yarn over, knit 2 stitches from the cable needle (photos included)

You will receive 15 pages:

► tutorial in ENGLISH with written interpretation of rows;

► diagrams (reading charts is not essential, but they allow to notice any of your mistakes at once);

► schematic with measurements;

► photos of the assembly (folding instructions).

DOWNLOAD this pattern: 
HEURISTIC: Sweater Knit Pattern – Knit Tutorial in English

Crochet crop top PATTERN – LONGER version

Upon request of my customer I have included additional layout for a longer top and it was already tested: black top.  RR also allowed to include photo of her finished top into the description.

You will receive:

► detailed tutorial in ENGLISH with charted and written explanations for crocheting every row (in case you are not used to work with the crochet charts);

► colourful diagrams supporting this pattern;

►  photo-tutorial for working such round motifs without cutting off the yarn and making the loop of square motifs in each sleeve without hiding lots of ends.

This crochet pattern is given for bust circumference 91 cm/36”. I have included suggestions on how big should be your gauge if you wish to crochet this crop top for bust circumference 84-89 cm/33’’-35” and 96-101 cm/38-40’’. In this case you will need to use another yarn and/or hook (for example, for bust 101 cm/40’’ the width of each round motif will be just 1 cm (0.4”) larger than in the original top shown in photos).

PATTERN for this crochet top is available here:

Feel free to share photos of your completed project on  or Ravelry in exchange for one of these two patterns (please send me the details of your transaction and choose poncho or dress pattern).

download PDF from Etsy – preview

  • Not shown in this preview are 3 additional files revealing all connections between motifs in sleeves, front and back – these are separate scaleable layouts for magnifying all stitches in your computer or tablet and allowing to crochet beautiful top shown in the cover photos.
  • Not shown in this preview is 5th PDF – additional written and charted tutorial with 64 photos illustrating my NO-YARN-BREAKING concept for all round and square motifs in this garment.


Beach crochet cover up – PATTERN

This beautiful crochet cover up is perfect for hot summer days in the city or warm-weather vacations. The cotton yarn and flattering V-neck make this design endlessly breathable. The length can be adjusted as you – yarn usage in the pattern is stated for a shorter top and a longer beach dress (shown below).

PATTERN for this crochet garment is available on Etsy, Ravelry and in my shop:

You will receive:

► detailed tutorial in English (for every row);

► HQ diagrams;

► written explanation of all charts (in case you are not used to work with diagrams).

This crochet pattern is provided for sizes:
S/M with bust circumference 86-90 cm (34-35.5’’);
M/L with bust circumference 98-102 cm (38.5-40’’);
XL with bust circumference 110-114 cm (43-44.5’’).

Breezy-Light: Crochet Skirt / Top PATTERN

Charming crochet skirt with its asymmetric hemline is a contemporary approach to a classic design. Perfect for warmer days on the beach, versatile and lightweight piece that can be worn as a poncho or a strapless top. Beautiful see-through crochet motifs in a cool blue hue emphasize the breezy impression. Sample shown weights just 170 gr/6 oz.

Beach crochet top/skirt PATTERN for sizes S-2XLBeach crochet top/skirt PATTERN for sizes S-2XLBeach crochet top/skirt PATTERN for sizes S-2XL
Crochet poncho PATTERN for sizes S-2XL
Crochet poncho PATTERN for sizes S-2XL

The diameter of one round motif is 11 cm/4.3’’. Assembly diagrams and yarn usage are included for sizes M, L, XL and 2XL. For size S follow the assembly diagram drawn for size M, but crochet smaller round motifs (recommended diameter 10 cm/4’’). Instructions for increasing the length by 11 cm/4.3’’ are included.

PATTERN for this crochet top-skirt is available here:

You will receive:

► detailed tutorial in ENGLISH for every row;

► HQ diagrams;

► written explanation of all rows is included as well (in case you are not used to work with the crochet charts).

Beach crochet skirt PATTERN for sizes S-2XL  – fragment of the crochet tutorial

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To Crop or Not To Crop Top, that is the QUESTION!

This charming top features rounded neck and figure-flattering style to create an unforgettable impression. It will look perfect with high-waisted white shorts, maxi skirts or jeans. The silhouette can be adjusted as you go thanks to the top-down construction – this pattern includes instructions for crocheting a tight fit crop version and a longer top with relaxed silhouette.

Detailed crochet PATTERN in English is available on Etsy, Ravelry, and on my own website:

You will receive:

► detailed crochet tutorial in English for every row;

► diagrams in PDF-format;

► written explanation of all rows of the diagrams is included (in case you are not used to work with the crochet charts).

This top crochet pattern is provided for sizes:

XS/S with bust circumference 80-87 cm/31.5-34”
M/L with bust circumference 90-98 cm/35.5-38.5’’
XL with bust circumference 107-114 cm/42-45”

 – fragment of the crochet tutorial.

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Oversized Poncho-Top :)

I usually do not wear boxy or oversized garments – they don’t look flattering on my broad and straight shoulders and rectangular body type, so just a few of things like wrong length or excessive width hanging under my armholes turn me into a perfect square :). I like crochet sweaters nicely fitted through the shoulders (to slide easily under a jacket) and not too snug or stiff on the body. So I usually shape waist or accent bust and add set-in-sleeves in most of my crochet items (though adjusting sleeves to many sizes is the hardest part, that is why patterns for boxy voluminous garments are less expensive and easier to make).

This project was made for my friend and the top fits her height and width well (sorry, I don’t ask my friends to model my presents if I intend to offer them as patterns : )) – friendship should remain friendship and not a modeling business : ).

I think the scalloped edge made  this voluminous poncho-top more dynamic and proportional, so probably it can flatter other types of body. Fringe optically increased the length, the drapey yarn prevented it from looking like I was absolutely swimming in it :).

PATTERN can be downloaded here:

The description includes:

► detailed tutorial in English for every row;

► HQ diagrams;

► written explanation of all charts (in case you are not used to work with diagrams).

– screen shots of the crochet tutorial.

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