The latest of the PATTERNS in my blog you may see using tags:


Every picture below will bring you to my Etsy shop where the particular pattern is offered:

conceptcreative-store-tunic-constellation4  Conceptcreative2  Crochet_pattern_for_sizes_XS-XL_front..  blog3  conceptcreativeblog-size-s-2xla  3   Dress  ESUN-WD32_V5  creaconcepts  big 79z  FP creaconcepts2a   colour  Tunic_PM  1  1  Crochet_pullover_PATTERN_for_sizes_US__4-24___UK__8-28___EU__36-56_c conceptcreative-store-jacket-renaissance  Triangle jacket  Skirt  Wildflower tunic 2  conceptcreative-store-tunic-constellation2   Crochet pattern size S-Lv  wek  Triangle top detailed PATTERNr   creaconcepts 9  creaconcepts11  creaconcept34  Detailed pattern for wedding dress2  Diagonal Jacket1  Odd Molly  Free People open back  Pattern for sizes S-L  conceptcreative-store-dress-moonlight4  Crochet_pullover_PATTERN_for_sizes_US__4-24___UK__8-28___EU__36-56  crochet dress pattern2  TUNIC with central panel and scalloped edge1c  Free People open back2  dress  LisaMareeDIY creaconcepts  ConceptcreativetunicPDFf     creaconcepts6  conceptcreative-store-wrap-fujiAtmosphere - boho tunic with pineapples  conceptcreative crochet skirt pattern  Easy crochet skirt PATTERN for sizes S-4XL   DSC07513u  Crochet top E-4 DSC  conceptcreative-store-top-roses1  conceptcreative-store-scarf-icebergs1  conceptcreative-store-scarf-icebergs3aconceptcreative-store_-_skirt-top_obsidian  conceptcreative-store-tunic-atmosphere  skirt  Top Crochet Pattern AILANTHUSknit dress

FREE charts:

conceptcreativeblog.wordpress.com 2a creaconcept5 Yellow knit free pattern1

FREE patterns:

knit shoulder warmer One-skein wrap DIAGONAL SEASHELLS by conceptcreativeblog.wordpress.comblack necklace


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