Jali (jaali) and Mashrabiya are elements of traditional Indo-Islamic architecture that feature delicate organic, vegetal or geometrical ornaments carved in stone or wood.

The term Jaali is used in Central Asia – in India, Pakistan and the countries surrounding, while Mashrabia is used mostly in the Arabic world; from Iran, Iraq to Morocco and Andalusia (read more about Jaali and Mashrabia ).

In the course of the day, the movement of these patterns in silhouette across the floor enhances the pleasure of their intricate geometry. Here are a few stunning pieces of this art, so you know why I named my crochet curtains Mashrabiya 😊.

And here is my work that I gave as a present to a dearest person. 😊 I think this crochet decor gives an atmosphere of calm and serenity to this interior, makes it modern and unique, regardless of the fashion.

I invite you to crochet this beauty that will resemble a projecting window 😊


As you saw, I have already published the free pattern for these motifs in this blog. You can follow these instructions and arrange motifs as you go. Or you might wish to download your printable copy for a small fee (and thus, cover my time expenses for describing this beauty 😉). So, you have 3 options to start with:

  1. Download your printable pattern from Etsy and follow my photo tutorials for two types of crochet curtains and crochet tablecloth.   
  2. Learn something new by downloading your printable pattern from and follow my photo tutorials for two types of crochet curtains, crochet tablecloth and a photo tutorial on how to crochet these motifs in one piece 
  3. Or visit this page with the free charted and written instructions for these motifs, as well as description for joining them as you go.

Yes, option 2 has that special photo tutorial that I have promised you 😉 – my formula on making this motif-project without hiding all ends and ruining your yarn. Here you may see the video about undoing 3 square motifs 😉.


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 Happy crocheting, friends! 


INCANTATION – FREE crochet pattern

Crocheting these beautiful motifs for relaxation will have a truly magical effect on your brain – soothing and almost hypnotic. On one hand, the completed tablecloth will give an atmosphere of calm and serenity to your interior, on the other hand, this will be a heirloom that will be passed down to your children.

Follow my free photo tutorial and charts for making such square motifs, which are joined together as you go:

and add to your Ravelry queue:

Happy crocheting! 🙂

Rotunda – cat’s house with a detachable roof – FREE crochet pattern

I spent last 6 weeks crocheting a cat’s house for our new guest – Alice 🙂

Rotunda - cat's house with a detachable roof - FREE crochet pattern Rotunda - cat's house with a detachable roof - FREE crochet pattern

Link to this free pattern: Cat’s house with a detachable roof – FREE crochet pattern

Rotunda - cat's house with a detachable roof - FREE crochet pattern

Inca-bracelet – FREE crochet pattern

The mask in the center of this bracelet reminds me of the ancient Incan sun god Inti, considered all-powerful, but capable of great generosity. Inti gave source of warmth and light and was protecting the Inca. Hope this little mascot will bring all the best to Your life as well!

Crochet pattern for this unusual bracelet

(first page of this pattern):

This pattern is FREE for our customers.

Please send me the number of your transaction to receive the whole pattern in PDF format: contact.

Or download pages 1,2,3,4 for a small fee:


Easy crochet COWL Unisex – FREE crochet pattern

Made from wool, this cold-season cowl is sublime in its irreducible simplicity. Shown here in blue-brown color palette, the piece will be a perfect partner to monochromatic sweaters and jackets and create a fashionable and contemporary urban look. You will like to improvise and create a new design everyday by turning the reverse side out and showing a bit of texture and stripes for a dose of effortless cold weather chic.

Nice and easy project for lovers of minimalism in crocheting! 👌


Yarn: the sample shown was made with 100 % wool approx. 465 m in 100 gr (508 yards in 3.5 oz); yarn weight: 4 ply (UK, AU), Fingering (USA), 1 or Superfine (standard yarn weight system).

Take 33 grams / 1.2 oz/ 166 yards of yarn A (brown in the sample shown);

and 22 grams / 0.8 oz/ 110 yards of yarn B (dark blue).

Hook: 2 mm or other to obtain gauge; additional hook 2.5 mm for foundation chain.

Continue reading crochet pattern:

Feel free to share photos of your completed project here

Breezy-Light: Crochet Skirt / Top PATTERN

Charming crochet skirt with its asymmetric hemline is a contemporary approach to a classic design. Perfect for warmer days on the beach, versatile and lightweight piece that can be worn as a poncho or a strapless top. Beautiful see-through crochet motifs in a cool blue hue emphasize the breezy impression. Sample shown weights just 170 gr/6 oz.

Beach crochet top/skirt PATTERN for sizes S-2XLBeach crochet top/skirt PATTERN for sizes S-2XLBeach crochet top/skirt PATTERN for sizes S-2XL
Crochet poncho PATTERN for sizes S-2XL
Crochet poncho PATTERN for sizes S-2XL

The diameter of one round motif is 11 cm/4.3’’. Assembly diagrams and yarn usage are included for sizes M, L, XL and 2XL. For size S follow the assembly diagram drawn for size M, but crochet smaller round motifs (recommended diameter 10 cm/4’’). Instructions for increasing the length by 11 cm/4.3’’ are included.

PATTERN for this crochet top-skirt is available here:

You will receive:

► detailed tutorial in ENGLISH for every row;

► HQ diagrams;

► written explanation of all rows is included as well (in case you are not used to work with the crochet charts).

Beach crochet skirt PATTERN for sizes S-2XL  – fragment of the crochet tutorial

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Oversized Poncho-Top :)

I usually do not wear boxy or oversized garments – they don’t look flattering on my broad and straight shoulders and rectangular body type, so just a few of things like wrong length or excessive width hanging under my armholes turn me into a perfect square :). I like crochet sweaters nicely fitted through the shoulders (to slide easily under a jacket) and not too snug or stiff on the body. So I usually shape waist or accent bust and add set-in-sleeves in most of my crochet items (though adjusting sleeves to many sizes is the hardest part, that is why patterns for boxy voluminous garments are less expensive and easier to make).

This project was made for my friend and the top fits her height and width well (sorry, I don’t ask my friends to model my presents if I intend to offer them as patterns : )) – friendship should remain friendship and not a modeling business : ).

I think the scalloped edge made  this voluminous poncho-top more dynamic and proportional, so probably it can flatter other types of body. Fringe optically increased the length, the drapey yarn prevented it from looking like I was absolutely swimming in it :).

PATTERN can be downloaded here:

The description includes:

► detailed tutorial in English for every row;

► HQ diagrams;

► written explanation of all charts (in case you are not used to work with diagrams).

– screen shots of the crochet tutorial.

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