Diagonal jacket with triangle pattern in the back

The idea of crocheting the diagonals in the back of this jacket has been tumbling around in my head for a while. I’ve been playing with different angles to have no side seams but the back just wasn’t coming out right when being crocheted on the bias. The waist had to be shaped to fit properly otherwise I will look like a kartoffelsack (sack of potatoes : )). There are some patterns with hanging back, but such a stuff can be bought at any cheap shop and worn at home (why bother to spend time crocheting it or use expensive yarn?). I surely prefer to wear more elegant crochet jackets outside : ).

Recently I saw this dress with triangle patterns by Diane von Furstenberg with shaped waist but was kind of disappointed because the centre in the back looked not very neat – some parts looked as though they were sewn together:

Triangle in the back

This is what I made and then undone everything : )

Diagonal jacket with triangle pattern in the back conceptcreative3 Diagonal jacket with triangle pattern in the back Diagonal jacket with triangle pattern in the back

Based on that trial version I’ve made a cardigan with diagonal front (crocheted on the bias) and straight back (worked back and forth):

Crochet jacket pattern for sizes S-2XL Crochet jacket pattern for sizes S-2XL

Pattern with  diagonal front parts is available on Etsy, Ravelry and published in my shop:







One-skein DIAGONAL SEASHELLS (pattern)

While searching through my stash I came across a nice turquoise 100 % wool yarn without a label. I forgot where it came from – maybe I took last skein from a local shop many years ago or someone else gave it to me because they do not want it anymore. I love this colour because it gives a nice bluish shade to my grey eyes.

Several years ago I’ve utilized lots of wool skeins and several old pullovers in this big carpet:

carpet conceptcreativeblog.wordpress.com carpet conceptcreativeblog.wordpress.com

It has about 70 different colours, but my turquoise wool has a pretty intensive colour and it can not be paired with anything. Some day it had to be used before moths realized it was waiting for them : ). So, to prevent it I’ve made this Crochet wrap Diagonal Seashells – another project that helps to finish one yarn-skein:

Crochet wrap Diagonal Seashells by conceptcreativeblog.wordpress.com Crochet wrap Diagonal Seashells by conceptcreativeblog.wordpress.com

Detailed PATTERN for this crochet wrap can be downloaded from here: One-skein DIAGONAL SEASHELLS wrap

Add this pattern to your Ravelry queue and favorites or share photos of your completed project here http://mycrochet.conceptcreative.store/

I kindly ask you not to publish this pattern on your websites or claim as your own, but please feel free to share this link http://conceptcreative.store/free-download-crochet-wrap-infinity-crochet-tutorial/  with your friends.


Vest and jacket – PATTERN

A friend of mine has been learning crocheting and asked whether I would show her nice and easy crochet pattern. One of the most used pattern in modern and vintage clothes was used between two rows of square motifs in the popular beige crochet skirt and chosen as main pattern in these crochet tops and dresses:

https://www.etsy.com/listing/157925634/crochet-maxi-skirt-pattern farm ecote https://www.etsy.com/listing/211487640/open-back-crochet-tunic-pattern

Simply endless possibilities for your creativity! Recently I made a versatile pattern using these popular stitches. With the same crochet tutorial you can make:

① Long sleeveless vest with asymmetrical high-low hem for sizes XS-4XL (looks amazing with a pair of jeans and booties)

conceptcreative-store-vest-renaissanced conceptcreative-store-vest-renaissance1

② Long jacket with bell sleeves and asymmetrical high-low hem for sizes XS-XL (front is low and back is high)

conceptcreative-store-jacket-renaissance6 conceptcreative-store-jacket-renaissance3

③ Long jacket with bell sleeves and straight hem for sizes XS-XL (match it with dresses and jeans)


④ Jacket with three quarter sleeves for sizes XS-XL (for wearing over your dresses of trousers)

conceptcreative-store-jacket-renaissance1 conceptcreative-store-jacket-renaissance-quarter-sleeves

⑤ Short sleeveless vest for sizes XS-4XL (literally matches most everything)

conceptcreative-store-vest-renaissance2 conceptcreative-store-vest-renaissance9

Scalloped hem, accentuated waist and a front lace-up tie closure add a unique spin to your crochet beach look. The garment in photos was made for size M, but it fits size S if you make the front closure tighter and L if you prefer more relaxed fit (make the front closure wider).

High-low asymmetrical variant looks fine with jeans. For wearing it with skirts straight bottom will be preferable.

conceptcreative-store-vest-renaissance-vest conceptcreative-store-vest-renaissance-vest

Suitable thread for this project:  Lace / 3 ply / 500 m in 100 gr / 550 yards in 3.5 oz.

I have divided instructions in one sleeveless Vest-version and Cardigan version with sleeves.

Sleeveless short and long crochet Vest for sizes XS-4XL is available on Etsy and my shop:



Short and long crochet Cardigan with three quarter sleeves or bell sleeves for sizes XS-XL is available on Ravelry and my shop:



You will receive:

► detailed tutorial in English for every row with all necessary diagrams;

â–ş written explanation of all rows of the diagrams is included (in case you are not used to work with the crochet charts); please keep the original margins of the file.

conceptcreative-store-renaissance– fragment of the crochet tutorial with blurred charts (for preview).


conceptcreative.store multi-functional cardigan-vest