Crochet dress Free People – diagrams

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This Free People Sunny Day Crochet Dress was sold here

One of my Australian customers wanted to crochet it herself. The dress is simple and the stitches are well seen, so we agreed that I draw the diagrams only.

How to crochet this lovely dress:

At first crochet two semicircles as shown in the diagram 1, then work upwards – crochet the main pattern in the top of the dress. Make sure that semicircles remain where they are in the original photos (the main pattern is very stretchy).

Then follow the diagram 2 for crocheting round motifs and connecting them together. Complete both levels of round motifs: top level of motifs with main pattern is shown in the diagram 3 and bottom level with edge – in the diagram 4.  Finally connect all parts of the dress together.


I would recommend using loosely woven 100 % cotton approx. 300-350 m in 100 gr (330-380 yds in 3.5 oz), which is DK-weight in USA and 8 ply in UK, AU.

DIAGRAMS for the FREE PEOPLE dress are available UPON REQUEST here (price 3.50 usd):

The link includes 4 HQ diagrams in PDF-format:

► diagram 1 – semicircle

► diagram 2 – round motifs and connecting them together

► diagram 3 – top level of round motifs

► diagram 4 – bottom level of round motifs and the edge

Not a usual detailed description on over 5 pages! 🙂 Diagrams only – as per customer’s request.

All four diagrams cover parts of the dress highlighted in blue:

Diagrams The rest is main pattern, constantly repeated.


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