Cold shoulder tunic PATTERN – crochet trends

This gorgeous crochet tunic features beautiful cold shoulder cut outs allowing you to be elegant and sexy without being overexposed. This is one of my favorite styles, partly because it suits not only young girls but classy women who like to wear feminine and trendy crochet garments. And partly because this tunic is so versatile and flattering! Want to look instantly cool? Pair it with fitted jeans and basic tops to show off your tanned shoulders. For bohemian appeal team it with long skirts and fancy earrings.

Boho crochet tunic PATTERN for sizes XS-3XL, detailed TUTORIAL in English Boho crochet tunic PATTERN for sizes XS-3XL Boho crochet tunic PATTERN for sizes XS-3XL

This tunic crochet pattern is provided for sizes

XS-S with hips up to 85 cm (33.5’’);
S-M with hips up to 96 cm (38’’);
L with hips up to 108 cm (42.5’’);
XL-2XL with hips up to 120 cm (47’’);
2XL-3XL with hips up to 128 cm (50.5’’).

I’d love to pair this tunic with such a cute leather leather bag from :


PATTERN for the cold shoulder crochet tunic is available here:

The description includes:

► detailed tutorial in English for every row;

► HQ diagrams (in PDF-format);

► written explanation of all charts is included (in case you are not used to work with diagrams).

Boho crochet tunic PATTERN (sizes XS-3XL), detailed TUTORIAL in English, cold shoulder crochet tunic pattern, designer tunic crochet pattern  fragment of the crochet tutorial with blurred charts (for preview).

By the way, Missguided also offers this beautiful cold shoulder dress in their collection:

Missguided cold shoulder crochet dress

Their website states the dress was made made of thick 100 % acrylic yarn. I’d definitely stay away from any type of acrylic for a good breathing summer garment. Acrylic can be quite soft, but deep in their soul, they’re still plastic yarns. It’s not very compy to have plastic on your skin in hot summer.

Recently a team at Plymouth University in the UK spent 12 months analyzing what happened when a number of synthetic materials were washed at different temperatures in domestic washing machines, using different combinations of detergents, to quantify the microfibres shed. They found that acrylic was responsible for releasing nearly 730,000 tiny synthetic particles per wash, five times more than polyester-cotton blend fabric, and nearly 1.5 times as many as polyester (source).

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