Indie design Gift a long

Thank you very much for participating in Ravelry Indie-design-Gift-a-Long!

I was curious about my most purchased patterns during this event. No wonder that sweaters were in the overwhelming majority with over 67 % of all purchases (winter has come ‚ĚĄÔłŹ‚ĚĄÔłŹ‚ĚĄÔłŹ). Then you wanted to make one of my favorite skirts –¬†Skirt Integrity ¬† – I’m really glad it caught your attention!

The stats look like this (in per cents):

Colorful sweater Ozone, crochet 18.6 %
Origami sweater Heuristic, knit 18.6 %
Ambiance Origami sweater, crochet  14.0 %
Detour sweater, crochet 11.6 %
Skirt integrity, crochet 9.3 %
To Crop or not to Crop top crochet 4.7 %
Origami sweater Spring, crochet 4.7 %
Garnet dress, crochet 4.7 %
Detour cowl, crochet 2.3 %
Freelancer top, crochet 2.3 %
Rhythmic top, crochet 2.3 %
Unquestionable maxi dress, crochet 2.3 %
Scarf Heuristic, knit 2.3 %
Off shoulder dress or tunic, crochet 2.3 %

You may like to press on each pattern to find more details about sizes and yarn recommendations.

Though the 25% discount campaign has just ended you can still participate in Ravelry games till the end of this year. Please find more details here:

Was my participation worth it? I can not say yet because sales don’t interest me – I look forward to seeing your beautiful sweaters, skirts, tops, and¬†dresses¬†created from my patterns.ūü§óūü§óūü§ó

Happy crafting and Happy Holidays!

Origami knit sweater

Paper folding technique where several sheets are arranged into interesting shapes is a very entertaining game for people of all ages. But do you know that with similar technique, you can create a sweater or even a sweater dress that requires minimum of shaping and uses creative and practical heuristic approach to knit a garment?

The construction of this sweater is very simple: front, back and sleeves are worked back and forth in long straight 4 panels till you get accustomed to constantly repeated rows Рbrowse photos to see how front, back and sleeves are arranged around neckline. Then the decrease is made at one side of each panel (in most rows you will decrease 1 stitch only). Finally everything is folded (as in origami) and sewn together. And best of all Рall 4 panels are worked the same way! Thus, every new panel will be knitted faster because you already have relevant past experience.

If you already made garments top-down, bottom-up and look for something unusual you might admire this idea.

DOWNLOAD this pattern:

HEURISTIC: Sweater Knit Pattern ‚Äď Knit Tutorial in English¬†

The sample shown was made with 6 thin wool strands held together. You may take merino wool 2 ply (UK), Cobweb, 0, or Lace (USA) and knit in several strands as described.
Or use 5 ply (UK), Sport, 2 or Fine (USA) 100 % wool yarn with the length close to 233 m (254 yards) in 100 gr and work with one strand. Suitable yarns:


Choosing the right YARN and HOOK to achieve great results

Please get the gauge to make sure the sweater fits your size! This sweater was precisely calculated for 25 stitches x 32 rows in stockinette stitch = 10 x 10 cm (4 x 4’’).

This knit sweater is provided for sizes:

S (fits 86-91 cm = 34-36’’ bust, hips circumference);
M (fits 97-102 cm = 38-40’’ bust, hips circumference);
L-XL (fits 109-114 cm = 43-45’’ bust, hips circumference);
2XL (fits 119-124 cm = 47-49’ ’bust, hips circumference);
3XL (fits 130-135 cm = 51-53’’ bust, hips circumference).

If you are between the sizes, for example your bust and hips are 94 cm = 37‚Äė‚Äô choose a closest smaller size.

Stitches used:

knit; purl; yarn over; knit 2 stitches together; purl 2 stitches together (photos of these basic stitches are not included)

slip 2 stitches onto cable needle and hold in the back, knit 3rd stitch, yarn over, knit 2 stitches from the cable needle (photos included)

You will receive 15 pages:

‚Ėļ¬†tutorial in ENGLISH with written interpretation of rows;

‚Ėļ¬†diagrams¬†(reading charts is not essential, but they allow to notice any of your mistakes at once);

‚Ėļ¬†schematic with measurements;

‚Ėļ photos of the assembly (folding instructions).

DOWNLOAD this pattern: 
HEURISTIC: Sweater Knit Pattern ‚Äď Knit Tutorial in English

Knit SWEATER – FREE pattern for customers

Cosy up in this casual cable-knit sweater! Its relaxed silhouette and mock turtleneck are perfect for chilly days ‚Äď pair yours with skinny jeans and ankle boots for a classic street-style ensemble or with a pencil skirt for dressier occasions.

Knit SWEATER - FREE pattern for customers Knit SWEATER - FREE pattern for customers Knit SWEATER - FREE pattern for customers Knit SWEATER - FREE pattern for customers Knit SWEATER - FREE pattern for customers 

This¬†knit charted pattern¬†is offered as a Christmas present to¬†¬†customers. If you have purchased any of my tutorials on¬†Etsy,¬†Ravelry¬†or in¬†my shop¬†in 2017 please send me the details of your transaction to receive this **FREE SWEATER PATTERN** (you do not need to buy it ūüôā – the download link will be sent to your Ravelry or Etsy inbox or to your email).

This pullover was made during rather hard times for me. I always considered myself as an emotionally strong person, but last months have shaken my emotional and physical health. We are never prepared to such difficult life situations. May New Year brings happiness to you and yours and excludes any unforeseen dramatic events that are hard to overcome. /December 2017/

You will receive 8 pages:

‚Ėļ¬†tutorial in ENGLISH¬†(2 written pages with basic directions for knitting);

‚Ėļ¬†6 diagrams¬†(instructions for this cable sweater are charted, row-by-row written description is not included, therefore reading charts is essential);

‚Ėļ¬†schematic, written explanation of all chart-symbols and cables.

The pattern is also available for a small fee for those knitters who would love to make this sweater only (thus not having any previous orders in 2017). Please follow this link: .

Knit SWEATER - FREE pattern for customers– screen shots

Knit summer TOP with free chart – scroll down the page

Recently I received an unexpected present Рone skein of 100 % silk yarn. It had 420 yards (384 meters) per 120 grams. It was quite expensive and the yellow hue was very rare to find in other yarn shops. Either I had to combine my silk with another fiber and colour (burgundy looked very nice with it and my favorite bronze yarn was a nice supplement to it) or use it for a small project. For crocheting even such a small top I would need at least 520 meters of 4 ply yarn (130 gram totally). So I decided to knit a small top. I could wear it either over my burgundy dress or with lilac jeans.

Here are some photos of my completed project (all clickable):

Yellow knit free pattern  Knit summer TOP with free chart

Yellow knit free pattern Yellow knit free pattern

You are welcome to repeat it! Add this pattern to your Ravelry queue and favorites or share photos of your completed project here

‚Ėļ I would like to pay your attention that all¬†charts and patterns published in my blog are¬†not to be resold or published elsewhere!¬†¬†You can¬†give the following link to¬†the¬†pattern:¬†

Knit yellow top

Recommended yarn: silk/rayon/bamboo/soya/tencell

Yarn weight: sport / 5 ply / 320 m in 100 gr / 350 yards in 3.5 oz

Total yarn usage for size medium: 420 yards (384 meters)

Needle size: 3 mm


Skirt chart abbrev.

All other stitches (empty squares) you work in garter stitch. This way you will have reversible, ridged fabric.

At first knit edge pattern that will be placed over your waist. For any size cast on 13 with a piece of scrap yarn, then attach main yarn and follow this chart starting from row 1.

Gauge: the width of 13 stitches = 5 cm/2”.

Knit summer TOP with free chart

Knit in both wrong and right sides and make y.o. in rows 1-16 and in row 18 (in row 17 knit every stitch). Repeat rows 1-18 until the length of the panel reaches your bust circumference without any ease. Though this panel will be placed at your waist level you need to be able to pull it over your bust.

For size medium I have worked 10 motifs of the edge panel, but you might need to repeat more motifs depending on your gauge.

Then sew first row with last one to make a loop: place both ends of the panel flat, with sewing needle and main yarn join every stitch made in 1st row with respective stitch in last row, make sure all stitches are connected and then remove scrap yarn.

Work over one side¬†of this¬†loop¬†–¬†place 18 knit stitches¬† over each edge pattern (2 stitches in¬†every row).¬†In my size I had 180 stitches over 10 motifs. Knit¬†upwards in rounds following the below chart. Start from 1st row, increase 2 y.o. in each motif in¬†1st and 2nd¬†so that you have 24 stitches¬†in 3rd row in each motif.¬†Then work straight in rounds.

Knit summer TOP with free chart

For downloading this chart in high quality in PDF format click on this link: Yellow lace top

Since edge pattern was worked back and forth with knit stitches only you can choose two ways of working main pattern:

  1. Either work knit stitches only, but after completing one row on the right side turn to knit in the opposite direction on the wrong side (fix first and last stitches to prevent a hole).
  2. Work right side only (in rounds or spirals) but after completing row with knit stitches work next row with purl stitches. I used the 2nd variant.

Eight¬†rows prior¬†to the final row in this chart¬†skip for the armholes – place your work on a surface, mark the sides. In my size I have skipped one “solid” section of 9 knit sts. Then¬†work front and back separately, decreasing 5 stitches in each row.

After completing last row of this chart work row of single crochet stitches along the armholes, slip stitches in front and back to prevent stretching of your top. Make straps – in my top I have chained for the necessary length and worked single crochet stitch into each chain. And then my yarn ended : )). But you might have more yarn and create wider straps.

Knit shoulder warmer in Shetland lace technique – PATTERN

Every crafter has once in a while the same question: what to do with leftover bits of yarn? Very small pieces of matching colours can be used for creating one-of-a-kind garments like this top:

A great way to get rid of one 50 gram-ball (1.75 oz-ball) of thin wool or wool/acrylic yarn is knitting something in Shetland lace technique:

Every crafter has once in a while the same question: what to do with leftover bits of yarn? A great way to get rid of one 50 gram-ball (1.75 oz-ball) of thin wool or wool/acrylic yarn is knitting something in Shetland lace technique.

Every crafter has once in a while the same question: what to do with leftover bits of yarn?

Wear this infinity scarf as a Shoulder warmer or a¬†Shrug during chilly summer evenings or as Neck warmer in winter¬†– all ways look interesting. It doesn’t weigh much, so you can always put in a bag just in case you feel cold in the evening.

Yarn usage is quite economical which will be important when using some¬†expensive fibres.¬†This garment weighs 45 gram (1.6 oz) only and fits sizes S/M. ¬†For bigger sizes you will ¬†need 10-20 gram¬†more – knit it till the garment fits your shoulders and does not slip down.¬† I’d recommend using wool or wool/acrylic as silk or rayon will tend to get down and not stay over the shoulders.

FREE PATTERN can be downloaded from here: Infinity-Knit-Wrap-Tutorial

Add this pattern to your Ravelry queue and favorites or share photos of your completed project here

I kindly ask you not to publish this pattern on your websites or claim as your own, but please feel free to share this link with your friends.

Knit TOP for hot summer – detailed PATTERN for Shetland lace top

Recently I have completed another knit top with Shetland lace:

Knittop8 Knittop7

It¬†was made in size XL as a present to¬†my neighbour. I used zigzags and rhombuses as in my previous knit top, but changed the edge and the neckline.¬†¬†With these shoulders it’s certainly easier to find¬†a suitable bra : ).

The pattern was made earlier for the halter neck top with the same zigzag and rhombus patterns:

1  Knittop5

Knittop3  Top

This top looks great with a bikini – you will get lots of admiring glances on a beach resort! It takes not much place in your travel luggage, is very light (weighs 100 gr only), and has a perfect & practical design for the hot summer – it leaves your shoulders free so you would not suffer from the heat too much.

The halter neck top is stretchy and fits a woman with the following circumferences:

Bust 36-41 inch; 92-105 cm
Waist 29-33 inch; 75-90 cm
Hips 37-41 inch; 94-105 cm

Detailed PATTERN for this halter neck top can be downloaded here:

To make the same neckline as I did for my neighbour simply decrease 2 rhombuses for the armholes as described in the PDF and then knit straight up to the neckline. Sew shoulder seams Рin each shoulder join one rhombus of the front with respective rhombus in the back.

Knit summer DRESS with free chart

This dress is one of my longest projects РI’ve started it somewhere in September 2013 because I wanted to make a knit dress with geometric lace pattern.

conceptcreativeblog - knit dress with geometric lace pattern

All photos are clickable:

conceptcreativeblog - knit dress with geometric lace pattern conceptcreativeblog - knit dress with geometric lace pattern conceptcreativeblog - knit dress with geometric lace pattern conceptcreativeblog - knit dress with geometric lace pattern conceptcreativeblog - knit dress with geometric lace pattern

Well, somehow the process was moving not very fast. Maybe because of winter, maybe because I lost interest.

I knit¬†this dress in rounds. The part that is now between bust and waist (approx.¬†27 rows) was completed in¬†3-4 month : )). Too slow… In the meantime I crocheted lots of different garments and actually was thinking to undo all 27 rows.

My friend said –¬†oh, it was so beautiful, leave it, maybe someday you‚Äôll return to this knit project. After some thinking I took another chart, started knitting upwards over completed part (now it is part over bust). Since I had more yarn that the lace dress was consuming I‚Äôve changed the original chart, added more solid-looking rows and started knitting downwards under cast¬†chains¬†(now it‚Äôs skirt). Great thing that I used scrap yarn for casting!

I decided¬†to knit dress downwards until¬†my yarn ends : )) – I had 1600 meters (1750 yards) of mixed yarn of bamboo/rayon/linen and did not want to have any left overs. Not because I didn’t love the yarn – it was fine, soft, with nice shine.¬†I just think that the best project is the one I¬†can use the amount of yarn I have for it : )). Without purchasing more or having lots of leftovers.

Finally I have finished knitting¬†in January 2015! : )) Maybe it‚Äôs kind of projects ‚Äúfor keeping it in wardrobe far away from my eyes‚ÄĚ because the only place I could wear it is beach resort in the evening. Or perhaps during¬†some beach wedding : ))). It weights 350 gr (12.3 oz) so it takes¬†almost no place in a holiday luggage (I would not be weighed down by huge¬†bags :));

The dark slip dresses are not meant for this dress – I wore them just to show the knit pattern.

Below is the diagram I drew for the skirt (it’s clickable):

conceptcreativeblog - knit dress with geometric lace pattern

HQ chart in PDF format can be sent to your email upon request Рthis chart in JPG format is a low-resolution version so I still have some upload space remaining in my blog. I kindly ask you not to copy this diagram into your blog or sell it Рjust give the following link for the diagram

As for the rest of the charts – I made so many remarks ¬†in them that they look rather terrible : )). Top is just more “lighter version” of the skirt pattern.


Skirt chart abbrev.

All other stitches (squares) you work in garter stitch. This way you will have reversible, ridged fabric.