Off Shoulder Dress – PATTERN

This crochet dress comes in the season’s favourite off-the-shoulder style combining sexy upper part with the flattering A-line silhouette that gives this dress a balanced elegance. And if you need to change the look in seconds – move the upper part over shoulders.

Off shoulder crochet dress PATTERN for sizes XS-3XL Off shoulder crochet dress PATTERN for sizes XS-3XL

The project is suitable for beginners thanks to a simple repeat of shell motifs used throughout. Apart from that there will be no increasing – the dress gets its beautiful shape by changing three hook sizes as you work. If you do not fancy making thick crochet garments for beginners this might be a fun dress to make and wear.

This crochet dress pattern is available here:

You will receive:

► detailed instructions in ENGLISH for every row with respective charts;

► written explanation of all rows of the diagrams is included (in case you are not used to work with the crochet charts); keep the original margins of the file.

This dress crochet pattern is provided for sizes:
XS with bust measured 79-83 cm (31-33’’);
S with bust measured 88-92 cm (34.5-36.5’’);
M with bust measured 97-101 cm (38-40’’);
L with bust measured 106-110 cm (41.5-43.5’’);
XL with bust measured 115-119 cm (45-47’’);
2XL with bust measured 124-128 cm (48.5-50.5’’);
3XL with bust measured 133-137 cm (52.5-54’’).

The item is worked top down and you will be able to regulate the length as you go, making a knee length dress, shorter tunic or even a top.

Additionally I have included instructions on how to make such a dress for your little girl.

conceptcreative-store-dress-moonlight1– fragment of the crochet tutorial with blurred charts (for preview).

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