Jali (jaali) and Mashrabiya are elements of traditional Indo-Islamic architecture that feature delicate organic, vegetal or geometrical ornaments carved in stone or wood.

The term Jaali is used in Central Asia Рin India, Pakistan and the countries surrounding, while Mashrabia is used mostly in the Arabic world; from Iran, Iraq to Morocco and Andalusia (read more about Jaali and Mashrabia ).

In the course of the day, the movement of these patterns in silhouette across the floor enhances the pleasure of their intricate geometry.¬†Here are a few stunning pieces of this art, so you know why I named my crochet curtains¬†Mashrabiya¬†ūüėä.

And here is my work that¬†I gave as a present to a dearest person.¬†ūüė䬆I think this crochet decor gives an atmosphere of calm and serenity to this interior, makes it¬†modern and unique, regardless of the fashion.

I invite you to crochet this beauty that will resemble a¬†projecting window¬†ūüėä


As you saw, I have already published the free pattern for these motifs in this blog. You can follow these instructions and arrange motifs as you go. Or you might wish to download your printable copy for a small fee (and thus, cover my time expenses for describing this beauty¬†ūüėČ). So, you have 3 options to start with:

  1. Download your printable pattern from Etsy and follow my photo tutorials for two types of crochet curtains and crochet tablecloth.   
  2. Learn something new by downloading your printable pattern from and follow my photo tutorials for two types of crochet curtains, crochet tablecloth and a photo tutorial on how to crochet these motifs in one piece.  
  3. Or visit this page with the free charted and written instructions for these motifs, as well as description for joining them as you go.

Yes, option 2 has that special photo tutorial that I have promised you¬†ūüėȬ†– my formula on making this motif-project without hiding all ends and ruining your yarn. Here you may see the video about undoing 3 square motifs¬†ūüėČ.


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 Happy crocheting, friends! 


INCANTATION – FREE crochet pattern

Crocheting these beautiful motifs for relaxation will have a truly magical effect on your brain ‚Äď soothing and almost hypnotic. On one hand, the completed tablecloth will give an atmosphere of calm and serenity to your interior, on the other hand, this will be a¬†heirloom that¬†will be passed down to your children.

Follow my free photo tutorial and charts for making such square motifs, which are joined together as you go:

and add to your Ravelry queue:

Happy crocheting! ūüôā

Knit SWEATER – FREE pattern for customers

Cosy up in this casual cable-knit sweater! Its relaxed silhouette and mock turtleneck are perfect for chilly days ‚Äď pair yours with skinny jeans and ankle boots for a classic street-style ensemble or with a pencil skirt for dressier occasions.

Knit SWEATER - FREE pattern for customers Knit SWEATER - FREE pattern for customers Knit SWEATER - FREE pattern for customers Knit SWEATER - FREE pattern for customers Knit SWEATER - FREE pattern for customers 

This¬†knit charted pattern¬†is offered as a Christmas present to¬†¬†customers. If you have purchased any of my tutorials on¬†Etsy,¬†Ravelry¬†or in¬†my shop¬†in 2017 please send me the details of your transaction to receive this **FREE SWEATER PATTERN** (you do not need to buy it ūüôā – the download link will be sent to your Ravelry or Etsy inbox or to your email).

This pullover was made during rather hard times for me. I always considered myself as an emotionally strong person, but last months have shaken my emotional and physical health. We are never prepared to such difficult life situations. May New Year brings happiness to you and yours and excludes any unforeseen dramatic events that are hard to overcome. /December 2017/

You will receive 8 pages:

‚Ėļ¬†tutorial in ENGLISH¬†(2 written pages with basic directions for knitting);

‚Ėļ¬†6 diagrams¬†(instructions for this cable sweater are charted, row-by-row written description is not included, therefore reading charts is essential);

‚Ėļ¬†schematic, written explanation of all chart-symbols and cables.

The pattern is also available for a small fee for those knitters who would love to make this sweater only (thus not having any previous orders in 2017). Please follow this link: .

Knit SWEATER - FREE pattern for customers– screen shots

Knit summer TOP with free chart – scroll down the page

Recently I received an unexpected present Рone skein of 100 % silk yarn. It had 420 yards (384 meters) per 120 grams. It was quite expensive and the yellow hue was very rare to find in other yarn shops. Either I had to combine my silk with another fiber and colour (burgundy looked very nice with it and my favorite bronze yarn was a nice supplement to it) or use it for a small project. For crocheting even such a small top I would need at least 520 meters of 4 ply yarn (130 gram totally). So I decided to knit a small top. I could wear it either over my burgundy dress or with lilac jeans.

Here are some photos of my completed project (all clickable):

Yellow knit free pattern  Knit summer TOP with free chart

Yellow knit free pattern Yellow knit free pattern

You are welcome to repeat it! Add this pattern to your Ravelry queue and favorites or share photos of your completed project here

‚Ėļ I would like to pay your attention that all¬†charts and patterns published in my blog are¬†not to be resold or published elsewhere!¬†¬†You can¬†give the following link to¬†the¬†pattern:¬†

Knit yellow top

Recommended yarn: silk/rayon/bamboo/soya/tencell

Yarn weight: sport / 5 ply / 320 m in 100 gr / 350 yards in 3.5 oz

Total yarn usage for size medium: 420 yards (384 meters)

Needle size: 3 mm


Skirt chart abbrev.

All other stitches (empty squares) you work in garter stitch. This way you will have reversible, ridged fabric.

At first knit edge pattern that will be placed over your waist. For any size cast on 13 with a piece of scrap yarn, then attach main yarn and follow this chart starting from row 1.

Gauge: the width of 13 stitches = 5 cm/2”.

Knit summer TOP with free chart

Knit in both wrong and right sides and make y.o. in rows 1-16 and in row 18 (in row 17 knit every stitch). Repeat rows 1-18 until the length of the panel reaches your bust circumference without any ease. Though this panel will be placed at your waist level you need to be able to pull it over your bust.

For size medium I have worked 10 motifs of the edge panel, but you might need to repeat more motifs depending on your gauge.

Then sew first row with last one to make a loop: place both ends of the panel flat, with sewing needle and main yarn join every stitch made in 1st row with respective stitch in last row, make sure all stitches are connected and then remove scrap yarn.

Work over one side¬†of this¬†loop¬†–¬†place 18 knit stitches¬† over each edge pattern (2 stitches in¬†every row).¬†In my size I had 180 stitches over 10 motifs. Knit¬†upwards in rounds following the below chart. Start from 1st row, increase 2 y.o. in each motif in¬†1st and 2nd¬†so that you have 24 stitches¬†in 3rd row in each motif.¬†Then work straight in rounds.

Knit summer TOP with free chart

For downloading this chart in high quality in PDF format click on this link: Yellow lace top

Since edge pattern was worked back and forth with knit stitches only you can choose two ways of working main pattern:

  1. Either work knit stitches only, but after completing one row on the right side turn to knit in the opposite direction on the wrong side (fix first and last stitches to prevent a hole).
  2. Work right side only (in rounds or spirals) but after completing row with knit stitches work next row with purl stitches. I used the 2nd variant.

Eight¬†rows prior¬†to the final row in this chart¬†skip for the armholes – place your work on a surface, mark the sides. In my size I have skipped one “solid” section of 9 knit sts. Then¬†work front and back separately, decreasing 5 stitches in each row.

After completing last row of this chart work row of single crochet stitches along the armholes, slip stitches in front and back to prevent stretching of your top. Make straps – in my top I have chained for the necessary length and worked single crochet stitch into each chain. And then my yarn ended : )). But you might have more yarn and create wider straps.